This is Halloween (with Food Allergies)

It's still August--although it will be September by the time you, Dear Reader, are reading this--but this week my wife bought and hung our first Halloween decorations of 2017. This year, like every year, I am determined to make Halloween the best it's ever been. And this year, like every year, I will likely get... Continue Reading →

Back to School?!

It's time I face facts, Dear Reader: summer is rapidly coming to an end. Thanks to an executive order by the Maryland governor pushing all public school start dates to after Labor Day, it's been an extra long summer break, but the end is finally nigh. Being a teacher has a lot of perks and... Continue Reading →

In Praise of Grandparents

It's a sunny weekday morning in early August at Storyland, a fairy tale, nursery rhyme, etc. theme park in Glen, New Hampshire. It's comfortably warm, and the park is full and bustling but not overcrowded. My wife and I take a seat on a stone wall surrounding a patch of greenery in the midst of... Continue Reading →

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