Things No One Taught Me, Part 1

Lately my son, The Dude, has been asking me to tell him stories at bedtime. This is after we've read books during the nightly milk and graham crackers ritual and involves me making up short stories about whatever topic he gives me. Some of them are silly, some are true, and one or two actually... Continue Reading →

Raising Big Brother

"Go play with your sister. That's what we had her for." I'm going to begin this week with two stories, both of which happened before noon on Monday. The first takes place just after breakfast--that is, after my son's breakfast. Like every morning, he had two scrambled eggs, strawberries, and a mini bagel with (vegan)... Continue Reading →

Day of the Dad

Earlier this week, I found myself scrolling through my Facebook memories--you know, that "On this day..." feature that pops up about every third time you log in--because around this time of year it is filled with newborn pictures of my kids. As it happened, that day was the anniversary of my first or second Father's... Continue Reading →


"He felt indeed that this love, this blind love for his son, was a very human passion, that it was Samsara, a troubled spring of deep water." Siddhartha, Herman Hesse Ol' Dad's trying to do more reading these days, and I just finished rereading Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha, so I thought this week I'd share some reflections.... Continue Reading →

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