Being Daddy

As I sit down to write this, it is the evening of my son's fourth birthday. This means it is also the fourth anniversary of the day I became Daddy. My dadiversary. I hate a little bit to admit it, but I realize that this also means that my son's birthday will always mean a... Continue Reading →

The Way of the Drum

Spring has sprung here in Maryland, and that can only mean one thing for Dear Old Daddy: time to figure out what the $#@% to get my kids for their birthdays. This gets both easier and more difficult as my kids get older. Their interests are clearer, and sometimes they can even tell us what they... Continue Reading →

Breaking All the Rules

"Lost souls need simple answers. / It feels good to do what you're told." - Monster Magnet, "Cry" This is my son. I'll call him V-Rex, because he's my son and I can call him whatever I want. Don't believe me? His actual middle name is Norse for Warbear. Now what's up? This is my... Continue Reading →

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