Daddy Don’t Babysit

If you have the internet and know anyone who knows anyone who is a father, you’ve probably seen at least a few articles or memes pointing out something that seems obvious: fathers are parents, not babysitters. If you’re not familiar with the argument, you can read about it here, here, and here. If all of... Continue Reading →

Friends Like Jimmy

I was going to title this one Maybe I’m an @$$hole, but so is the four year-old down the street, but aside from its unwieldy length that title seemed a bit harsh. I’m not really an @$$hole. I’m just a bit protective. But let’s talk about this four year-old. There is a family in our... Continue Reading →

Not that I cried writing this, but…

As a parent, I am sometimes overcome, and sometimes taken completely by surprise by it. One such time happened last week. I was at work, checking Facebook while my copies ran, reading a post my wife had made about our daughter eating a grilled cheese sandwich. Not just eating--actually chewing and swallowing. I didn’t expect... Continue Reading →

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