Recipe Time! Allergy Safe* French Quarter Beignets

*Allergy Safe in the title means entirely free of eggs, dairy, and nuts. Those with soy allergies can probably also follow this with only a couple substitutions. I posted on my social media Saturday morning about these allergy safe (for my daughter, who is allergic to eggs, dairy, and nuts, among others) beignets I made,... Continue Reading →

Sit Down. We need to talk.

An open letter to the astonished, indignant, and unreasonably angry folks who cannot understand the allergy parent backlash against Peter Rabbit (may contain adult language--get over it): "Every three minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency room in the U.S." So begins this informational article about food allergies on the FARE website.... Continue Reading →

Fear of the Dark

A few weeks ago, my four (and a half, if you're into that kind of specificity) year-old son sort of decided he was afraid of the dark. I say decided because that was how it seemed from my vantage point. Having never exhibited any such fear before, he announced one day--well, less announced than sort... Continue Reading →

Dog Days: A List Article

Meet Zuma.Zuma joined our family just a few weeks ago and is the first new dog we've had since before our kids were born. The dog who was my wife's companion since she first moved into her own apartment at nineteen passed two years ago, just a month or two after our daughter was born.... Continue Reading →

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